About Yam Display

Download on the App StoreYam Display turns your iPad or iPhone into an external monitor for your Mac via USB.


On your Mac, install Yam Display for Mac and connect by USB cable.

Yam Display icon will appear in the menu bar:


You can select resolution from this menu.
Menu items can be changed depending on the current device connected.
You can also choose a resolution from System Preferences, but custom resolutions can be out of ratio to your device’s resolution.

Frame Rate
You can choose a frame rate from 30 FPS / 60 FPS.
30 FPS is energy efficient and suitable for video playback.
60 FPS is much smoother and best for browsing or editing.

Display Arrangement
You can place Yam Display relative to the main display by this menu.
There are four options: Left / Right / Up / Down.
When you choose “Display Settings…”, System Preferences panel will be launched.
On the “Arrangement” tab in the panel, you can arrange displays more precisely.

Launch At Login, launches Yam Display when you log in.
Auto Update App, updates Yam Display for Mac automatically.
Prevent Display from Sleep, prevents your main display from sleep when Yam Display is connected.
Use System Mouse Cursor, sends the default mouse cursor to Yam Display. If this option is not set, mouse cursor will be managed by Yam Display with faster movement and more readable size.
Pinch to Zoom: Each App, switches zoom mode to zoom foremost app contents. Zoom entire screen by defaults. (paid version only)
Enable Touch Bar, simulates Touch Bar in Yam Display for any Mac with macOS Sierra 10.12.2 or later.
Enable Air Mode, enables connection from Yam Air.

On your iPad/iPhone:


Touch Gestures
– One finger tap to click.
– One finger (or two fingers) slide to scroll.
– One finger long press (0.5 sec) and slide to drag.
– Two fingers tap to secondary click (context menu).
– Two fingers double tap to smart zoom.
– Two fingers rotate to rotate contents.
– Two fingers swipe to go back/forward.
– Two fingers pinch to zoom: Entire Screen or Each App (select zoom mode by preferences).

Split View
In split view, Yam Display change resolution to fit the size of split view.
Retina resolution can be changed to a non retina one in split view to fit.
To set retina resolution in split view, you can choose a resolution from System Preferences.

Touch Bar and Keyboard
Simulate Touch Bar in Yam Display for any Mac with macOS Sierra 10.12.2 or later.
Support bluetooth keyboard input from iOS device (including Smart Keyboard for iPad Pro).

* Try Yam Display Free to check if it’s useful for you.

* Yam Air is a wireless version of Yam Display.

* Yam Pad mirrors main display and supports Apple Pencil for drawing.

For any questions or suggestions,
contact us: help@yamdisplay.com